Reimagining Power | Standard Microgrid

Standard Microgrid is reinventing power with an innovative approach to distributed renewable power services. We provide reliable power services to the communities we serve, exciting growth opportunities for our partners and staff, and exceptional financial returns to our investors.

The first few watts of power that a customer receives are hugely transformative. As such, Standard Microgrid's proprietary grid management system is tailored to provision basic power needs to the greatest number of people.

Our architecture incorporates flexible, rugged, modular components with proprietary grid management tools to deliver reliable, modern alternating current (AC) power services in harsh and remote environments. Fully contained within a 20' shipping container, the 10kW micro power utility can be deployed in three days, with the capacity to deliver power to upwards of 150 homes.

Enabling seamless, remote demand side control of the grid is the Standard Microgrid Switch. Used in conjunction with the Microgrid Manager Mobile App, the Switch provides the ability to sell prepaid power services, report use and misuse, and prevent overutilization of the grid. The entire system is fully automated and can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world.

Every aspect of the Standard Microgrid approach has been developed to respond to the unique challenges and risks of deploying commercially viable energy assets in rural African environments.

User programs are determined and shaped in such a way that the maximum amount of power passing through the system is allocated to user benefits and billed for accordingly. This hyper efficient use of capital delivers value to customers, who pay less than their least cost alternative, while providing commercial returns to investors.

Site selection and village onboarding are key aspects of the project development process. Standard Microgrid has developed a framework for identifying sites with the highest revenue potential, and effectively engaging key community stakeholders, such as to ensure smooth functioning of the Microgrid for the duration of the system life.

Standard Microgrid has been reliably installing and operating off-grid power systems in Sub Saharan Africa for the past 4 years.

With backgrounds in renewable energy, finance and business in Africa, and years of experience researching, developing and deploying projects, the team possess the experience and insights required to tackle the biggest problem facing this continent.

With a special focus on Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and the DR Congo, Standard Microgrid is poised to become the market leader in distributed renewable energy services in Africa.

The complex operations of the grid have been simplified and automated to enable any member of the community to operate the grid, collect payments and control demand.

Local entrepreneurs operate as agents, re-selling prepaid credit to community members. Local management encourages community buy-in and long term project sustainability as people feel ownership of the system and act to protect the power system. Standard Microgrid is committed to continued investment in the communities we serve and reinvests greater than 50% of our profits into high impact electrification projects.

Cloud based grid management software enables the remote technical support team to monitor the performance of many grids from one location and remotely troubleshoot issues that exceed the technical capacity of local management.

Standard Microgrid's number one metric of success is customer satisfaction, without which we have no business.

Users buy prepaid credit subscription plan specifically tailored to their individual needs and the appliances they currently own. Giving users the ability to plan their consumption in advance removes the chance of unexpectedly high bills and ensures that customers receive maximum value.

The system is flexible enough that customers can easily adjust their level of service according to their changing needs. The Mobile App also provides direct access to the end user, enabling grid operators to closely monitor and respond to customer satisfaction levels and usage patterns.

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